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Criteria for selection of schools for the E-Learning for Life Project

(The project will initially be implemented in at least 6 "hub" secondary schools. They will be selected by the Task Force under guidance of the Ministry of Education based in the following criteria.)

  • Indication of interest and ability od schools and community to engage in ICT activity, including security measures.
  • Commitment of school and community members, as well as PTAS, to take on the operation and maintenance of the facility at the end of the project period.
  • Commitment of teachers and trainers to impart ICT training to students and the community.
  • Commitment or interest from community associations to support the project
  • Indication of interest from the community to furthering their awareness, understanding and knowledge of ICT.
  • Indication if interest from the community in the use of ICT as a tool to improve the social, including educational, or economic aspects of their lives, those of their children and the community at large
  • Location in peri-urban or peri-rural areas with basic infrastructure
  • Availability of a dedicated room large enough to house 20 personal computers with 5KW uninterrupted power and telephone lines for Internet connection and proper furnishing.