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  • Overview
    The project is a joint collaboration between UNDP and Coca-Cola Malaysia. It is an endeavour to support the Malaysian Government in its effort to expand and strengthen the K-Society and the K-Economy and to revamp the educational system to respond to the knowledge-driven demands of the new economy. The Project envisages the facility set up at selected schools will serve as a school/community "ICT hub" providing access to ICT training to other schools as well as communities in the vicinity.

  • Objectives
    The Objective of the project is to create an ICT community centers in six schools. Therefore in respect, the project is similar to the Malaysian Government's computer lab for smart schools. However, the project (E-Learning) differs from the government's project in one main aspect - i.e. these centers will also function as the ICT centers for the community, thereby serving students, teachers and members of the community.

  • Beneficiaries
    • Primary Beneficiaries
      i. Students and teachers within selected schools
      ii. Parents of students and general citizens within surrounding communities
      iii. Various community associations including PTA
      iv. Student and teachers from nearby schools with limited access or no ICT facilities.
    • Other Beneficiaries
      i. Schools Division under the Ministry
      ii. State Department of Education

  • Schools
    For the location of the six selected schools for the project