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“Bridging the digital divide is a priority area of work for UNDP around the world. In Malaysia, this initiative with the Ministry of Education will pioneer an innovative approach to access by opening the schools up to the community in after-school hours, with professional guidance so that the same computer resources can serve both students and their families,”

Ms. Maxine Olson,
Resident Representative of UNDP Kuala Lumpur.


MOU between Universiti Sains Malaysia and The E-Learning for Life Project (PDF, 499 kb)
Download the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Universiti Sains Malaysia and the The E-Learning for Life Project. This MOU is made on 29 September 2003.

E-Learning for Life Project Progress Report (download .doc)
Download the progress report of the six participating schools. Report dated 20 November 2002.

Reaching the Unreachable (download .doc)
Using ICT To Reach the Unreached: A Malaysian Survey
by Zait Isa and Shahid Akhtar, Asia Pacific Development Information Programme(APDIP), UNDP
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
31 January, 2002

Project Hope, China (download pdf)
Project Hope is a non-profit program that provides education for children in remote, underdeveloped areas of China through more than 7,000 schools. Initiated by the late Deng Xiaoping, Project Hope was established in 1989 and is run by the Chinese Youth Development Foundation. Coca-Cola China has supported Project Hope since 1993.

Red House, Philippines (download pdf)
The Coca-Cola Foundation Does Its Share To Help Alleviate The Severe Classroom Shortage In The Philippines.


United Nations Development Programme in Malaysia
UNDP's mission is to help countries in their efforts to achieve sustainable human development by assisting in capacity building, design and carry out development programmes in poverty eradication, employment creation and sustainable livelihoods, the empowerment of women and the protection and regeneration of the environment, giving first priority to poverty eradication.

Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme
APDIP seeks to promote and establish information technology (IT) for social and economic development throughout Asia-Pacific.

Official website of the Ministry of Education Malaysia
An informational website of the Ministry with many links to the various departments under it.

E-learning in Asia and beyond
Learn more about E-learning initiatives by Coca Cola in the Asia region and more.

e-Bario Project
The idea of bringing the Internet to Bario was conceived as a research project to determine opportunities for social development available from the deployment of information and communication technologies within remote communities in Sarawak.

Mobile Internet Unit
Mobile Internet Unit (MIU) is a development project on computer-mediated education for teachers and students in schools of Malaysia. It is a self-contained, mobile library cum computing center in the form of a bus.

An e-learning portal from Penang
The Penang e-Learning Community is an electronic community evolving from a focused interest group in dedicated to collective intelligence. This community portal is developed as a tool to facilitate interaction amongst interest groups, common members and the general public.

E-Learning Portal by UNESCO
The ultimate objective of the e-learning portal is to increase and facilitate access to education resources in different regions of the world in different languages while stimulating professional cooperation to improve the quality of education and learning.

An article by Mohd. Sidin Ishak

The European Union eLearning initiatives
The eLearning initiative of the European Commission seeks to mobilise the educational and cultural communities, as well as the economic and social players in Europe, in order to speed up changes in the education and training systems for Europe's move to a knowledge-based society.